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The Premium Series represents the latest evolution in decorative wood products: The first fully coordinated, in-stock program of hardwood mouldings and accessories available from a single manufacturer.

Now you can choose from more than 280 profiles in up to eight wood species, all produced from the finest hand-selected hardwood, including paint grade. Architectural excellence and a professional installation are easy to achieve with matching accessories, including radius corners, plinth blocks, flexible resin mouldings and intricate hardwood carvings.

All of our products are designed to work together seamlessly in style, fit and function. Whether your project is a simple room remodel, an elegant custom home or a high-end commercial interior, The Premium Series contains everything you need to create beautifully finished interior spaces. Our commitment to the highest standards of design and quality has made The Premium Series the choice of leading architects, designers and builders nationwide.

Three generations of family ownership and hands-on management have upheld The Premium Series' original principles of quality, integrity and personal service. We place the highest value on the customer loyalty we've developed over the years and we strive to satisfy your most exacting requirements.

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